Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Stress Over the Turkey! Spend your Thanksgiving on Beech!

What with the fantastic winter weather enabling us all to get a jump on our skiing this year, why not take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to come up to the Mountain for a long weekend? You will not have to forgo the traditional Turkey spread - except for perhaps the other kind of spread that occurs after you've eaten the traditional meal, because you'll work it all off playing in the snow afterward, right? - because there are a lot of fantastic restaurants in Beech that will all be offering special Thanksgiving menus and extended hours on the day!

One of my family's favorite places to go is Vasarely's. This place is a fine example of that sometimes hard-to-find combination of upscale food and a comfortably casual, family-friendly atmosphere that has become particularly important to us since we became parents. Over the years, we've enjoyed lovely steaks, perfectly cooked shrimp dishes, well-seasoned vegetables, pot roast dinners rivaling Mom's, and an excellent pan-fried trout (my personal favorite). Their waitstaff are always very friendly and helpful, their entrees conscientiously prepared and hearty, and their homemade desserts indulgently generous.

Vasarely's is located right on Beech Mountain Parkway, and will be open for the Winter Season on November 26th - but you can leave make your reservation for Turkey Day now by phoning them at 828-387-4900.
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