Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Three Kings - Or Why Should You Always Take the Smallest Bed, Just Because You're Short?

If you're part of that population of individuals with a shorter stature, then you may be familiar with the all-too-common annoyance of always feeling obligated to take the bedroom with the smaller bed whenever you share a vacation home with your taller friends and family. I know that situation was generally the fly in my "getting-away-from-it-all" vacation home ointment - that is, until I gained a lofty ally in my rather tall husband, Alex, which helped tremendously in the group negotiations over who was to get the King-sized bedroom (note: chronic back problems help your case for dibs on the firmest mattress, too). But in my single days, I rarely got to enjoy the luxury of excess mattress real estate.

Well, it was that personal history which greatly influenced our decision to furnish our Beech Mountain Condo with, not just two King-sized beds, but three! It started with our discovery that a king-sized mattress would fit up in the loft area, which overlooks the living room, which prompted us to go ahead and purchase 2 Beautry-rest King mattress sets. (Boy, was that one happy mattress salesman!) Later, when it came time to replace the two twin beds in our second downstairs bedroom, we came upon the happy idea of purchasing two Xtra Long Twin mattresses from Original Mattress Factory instead of the standard length. There is ample space in the room for the longer length of these beds, and when pushed together with a "bed bridge" (A specially designed hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam piece which bridges the gap left when two mattresses are pushed side-by-side, leaving no ridges or lumps), the result is very pleasing to even this notorious insomniac!

There is so much to fun to be had on Beech Mountain, and this can be exhausting (in a good way) - particularly with the kids in tow. So, when we say our place "sleeps 6 to 10," we thought you'd like to know that we really do mean "sleeps."
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