Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beech Mountain Recreation Center: Low-cost indoor activities for . . . ahem . . . energetic kids

OK! So imagine you're up on Beech Mountain, about four days in to your stay at our cozy little condo . . . with the kids. It's been great thus far: Three days of brilliant snowy weather, filled with skiing, sledding, skating, and just hanging out in the back and front yards, making snow angels and throwing snowballs. But now it's the fourth day, and (groan) the spirit is willing, but the body . . . well, you're a bit sore, perhaps. And, a bit chapped possibly?

So, you've been enjoying several very nice hours with a hot drink in front of the fire, gazing at the mountain view out the window, while the kids have busied themselves with games and puzzles - and you even managed to extend your little piece of heaven for a short time by sending the older ones outside to play in the snow.

But sooner or later, they will want to go somewhere and do something else. As a parent, no matter how many new toys or clever ideas you've provided, you know it's coming: "I'm boooorred!" And you've already burned through two days worth of ski lift tickets  - and the free sledding on the 3rd day was fabulous - but you'd really like some down time for a bit . . . something indoors maybe?

Here's a great (and affordable) solution!!! Beech Mountain has a wonderful Recreation Center, just a few minutes' drive from our condo - right next to Buckeye Lake part-way down the back side of Beech. There you will find an wide range of indoor activities that will burn off your kids' excess energy.

The Living Room

For you: relaxing soft seating amidst upscale decor, leather couches and rocking chairs, a fireplace, with books, games and computers and a printer provided (and wi-fi, of course).

The Soft Playroom

For the kids: A soft play area (For ages 7 and under. Our family calls it "The Rubber Room"), 2 ping pong tables, full-court indoor gymnasium with the equipment for basket ball, badminton, volleyball, etc. - and all this for $2 per child (because, as our guests, you pay the residential rates for all Rec. Center fees). That's for ALL DAY, so you can leave for lunch and come back later in the day - just pick up a receipt card at the front desk on your way out.

"Well, I'm not THAT out of shape," you say? Perhaps you're just tired of being out in the cold, but you've still got some energy (and your last pair of snow pants are still damp because you forgot to put 'em in the dryer)? Don't worry. There are plenty of energetic things for you to do in the lovely, spacious, heated indoors of the Rec Center as well.

Indoor Tennis & Fitness Center

For $5, you can reserve the indoor tennis court for a game (and it's right by the soft play area, which has a glass wall, through which you can keep an eye on the kids while you play). Or, you can tag team it with your significant other, taking turns in the Fitness Center just down the hall, while the other keeps an eye on the smaller kids. Again, just $5 (the resident rate).

And all the while, huge windows in this beautifully designed, brand spanking new building allow you to continue enjoying the beauties of the winter scenery. Pat yourself on the back: You've managed to enjoy another day of fun and luxury on the Mountain without breaking the bank!
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