Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 27th's Kiddo Fishing Derby

One of the nice things about staying on Beech Mountain over the Summer is the constant stream of local events, both in town and just off the mountain. So there's usually something fun for the family to do together nearby, without necessarily having to visit to some high-profile festival with large crowds and scarce parking. The Annual Kiddo Fishing Derby coming up on June 27th at 9 a.m., is just one example of a smaller-scale event sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce that will entertain the kids without exhausting the parents.

The Kiddo Fishing Derby is open to all children ages 4 to 12 (with adult supervision), and there is no charge to participate. You just need to register for a place in the contests. Just bring your fishing gear and favorite bait. Prizes and trophies are awarded for boys and girls who catch the first trout, largest trout, heaviest trout - and there's also a speed contest where the winner is the first to catch 4 trout.

Call the Beech Mountain Chamber of Commerce at (828) 387-9283 or(800) 468-5506 to register and to find out more.
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