Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th on the Mountain (Beech Mountain, NC)

Happy 4th Everyone! We spent ours up on Beech Mountain and dropped in to visit the 47th Annual Roasting of the Hog and Fireworks Display. This year, it was held at Ski Beech, and the turnout was pretty darn good. Alex snapped a photo of the crowds.

Due to the requirements of our little one, we didn't stay very long for the fireworks. (Little 5 year old girls, apparently, do not enjoy exploding things going off high in the sky above them - no matter how many pretty pretty colors are involved. Ah, well, live and learn.) So we resigned ourselves to missing the show and spending our evening just listening to it from a distance.

Much to our surprise, however, as we sat on our deck back at our condo, we got to watch about 4 different fireworks shows! All at the same time! And it was absolutely lovely, watching them all going off against the darkening forms of the mountainsides! And at least one or two of them were happening miles away beyond the Tennessee border! Pretty neat!

I wish I had had the presence of mind to try to photograph our view and catch some of those colors; but I didn't want to miss anything while running to get the camera. So words will just have to suffice.

Happy 4th to you all!
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