Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smoketree Trail on Beech Mountain (just a few minutes' walk from the condo)

When we're up on the mountain, we take as many opportunities as we can to hike the trails. Sometimes, we have the presence of mind to take along a camera so we can share (well, tiny little photos oftentimes don't do it justice) the beauties of what we discover along the way.

So here are the notes we took and a few photographs from our hike last Summer. Unfortunately, we haven't been up yet this Fall, so I don't have any photos of the leafy splendor that normally adorns the trails after the first freezes.

Anyway, on that particular July morning, we left the condo around 11am, walked down Beech Mountain Parkway (gravel) to the head of Smoketree Trail. We followed that trail until it joined Smoketree Road, which ends at an intersection with Mill Pond, Wintergreen and Lower Snowbird. We followed Lower Snowbird to Pinnacle Ridge Rd. and back up to the condo arriving around 12:25pm. This stretch definitely got our heart rates going. The prettiest stretch of the whole hike was the part of the trail along Smoketree.

A picnic table along the trailSome Ghostly White Mushrooms - look almost magical
Smoketree Trail

The Trailheads on Beech are provided w/ very useful info boards by the Town
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