Monday, August 3, 2009

The Beach Comes to Beech! J.L. Trent's Seafood and Grille

We heard that J.L. Trent’s Seafood and Grill was coming to Beech Mountain, and so when we were next in town, we stopped by to try them out. We came for lunch, and were greeted by very friendly staff and a pretty nice atmosphere. Don't come in wearing your silks and pearls, as this isn't a ritzy place with mood lighting and high-end wine lists. However, it was a comfortable casual place to grab a tasty hot seafood meal.

As the owners are transplants from Jacksonville, Florida, (where you will find two other J.L. Trent's Seafood and Grill locations), the option of "Gator Tail" on the menu made sense. Although, I cannot say I was expecting it. My husband, ever the adventurer, ordered that; and I asked for the small Salmon plate grilled.

About the Gator Tail: I suppose we had some hazy expectation of a slice of something that might look like it had been carved from an Alligator's tail; and so the plate of small pieces of meat, breaded, was a slight disappointment. However, they were tasty; and most definitely did not taste like chicken. Not sure either of us have developed a new passion (Perhaps you have to be raised on Gator Tail?), but we're glad to have had the opportunity to try it.

My grilled Salmon was nicely seasoned and cooked just right. And those green beans were very yummy and perfectly Southern. Everything was piping hot, and (although I would have liked them to be a bit more generous with the hush puppies - not that I actually needed more of them), both of us left with happy palates and comfortably full tummies.

A very nice addition to the collection of restaurants on Beech Mountain.

J. L. Trent's Seafood & Grill
444 Beech Mountain Parkway
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