Sunday, October 11, 2009

On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever: The View at Beech Mountain Bliss

A question we get asked a lot when folks call is: "Do you have a view?"

Well, we sure do. And when we're at Beech Mountain Bliss, we try to spend as much time as possible sitting on the deck and gazing at it. (Now, close your eyes and imagine slowly inhaling that fresh mountain air, then . . . Ahhhhhhh . . . )

Over the past couple of years, with a lot of help from Google terrain maps, my husband Alex has gradually figured out the names of nearly all the mountain ridges visible from our deck. It turns out that, on a clear day, we can see a ridge line that is approximately 44 miles away (as the crow flies, that is . . . if you tried to drive to it, it's more like 80 miles). In other words, from our deck, you can look out over, not just the North Carolina/Tennessee border, but all the way beyond Tennessee into Virginia!

We thought that was neat, so we've taken the time to share the details with you by labeling the main ridge lines in a photograph of our view.

Sometimes it is just nice to know what exactly you are lookin' at.

So in the photo above (you can click on it to enlarge), you can see the following:

NC/TN border, approx 7 miles away (labeled in Blue)

Watauga Lake in TN elevation 1959 feet, about 11 miles away (you can't actually see the lake, because of a mountain ridgeline in front of it, so Alex just drew the pink shape in the area above it. In the unmarked photo below, you can see a cloud patch, which is over the lake.)

Merry Mountain in TN, elevation 3606 feet, about 14 miles away (labeled in Green)

Grindstone Knob in TN, elevation 4206 feet, about 18 miles away (labeled in Red)

Brumley Mountain in Virginia, elevation 3743 feet, about 44 miles away (labeled in Yellow)

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