Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ray's Weather Center : Keeping an Eye on Beech Mountain Weather

Gosh, it sure has been Snowing up on Beech! And according to Dr. Ray Russell's team of forecasters, it's not done yet. So we've started out our ski season this year with a whole lot of that white stuff.

If you are headed up to the top of the mountain (or in the midst of planning a trip later this winter), you will want to keep yourself apprised of accurate information about what to expect weather-wise.

When we first started concerning ourselves with conditions up on Beech Mountain, NC, we had a tough time finding a weather report which didn't just lump in Beech Mountain with all the other area cities which are quite a bit closer to sea level than our Mile-high town. Yes, as you drive up Beech, if you've got one of those digital thermometers in the dash, it is interesting to see how the temperature goes *down* the further *up* you travel. It makes at least a ten degree F. difference in the temperature when you're on top of the mountain (which is why the Summertime temperatures are so wonderfully mild up there) - and counting in wind chill, often a lot more.

Ray's Weather Center site is chock full of interesting weather information specific to Beech Mountain (and also includes separate reports for a number of other highland towns too), all presented in an easy-going, humorously folksy tone. Plus, Ray's "Fearless Forecast" ahead of the coming Winter is a great read. (So far this winter, it looks like he was right about El Nino's effects on the High Country's weather this year.) Plus, if you would like a little additional information while figuring out what might be the best time on Beech for your desired weather conditions, the weather site's Almanac provides a wealth of weather measurements from the past few years.

So, want to learn more about the incredible snow events happening up on Beech Mountain? Check out Ray's Weather Center, and you'll get the best quality information out there:
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