Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Heck Of A Winter! Skiing and Snow at Beech Mountain, NC

Here's a little research on this year's ski season - particularly on Beech Mountain- so far, together with some useful sites and pages about skiing in North Carolina and surrounding areas . . .

Ski Southeast
This page has a summary of all the conditions at the resorts. Also there were a few interesting bits of information about Beech Mountain Resort (Ski Beech) in particular: At 110.1", Ski Beech has had more snow than any of the other NC resorts this season. And current conditions there are powder, compared to Sugar Mountain's "packed powder." The side of Beech Mountain that the resort (and Beech Mountain Bliss, our condo) is on tends to get more snow, not to mention that we're also at a higher altitude than Sugar Mountain.

Ski Southeast
Another page on Ski Southeast, this one specifically about Ski Beech. And one of the things this one shows is total snowfall over the last several years. Looks like you have to go back to 2004-2005 to get anything even close to this year. And that was just 84" compared to the 110.1" we've already had so far.

Ski Report
This charts the snow base over the season compared to prior season (at least we think that's what it does). It also shows the opening and closing dates of the resort last season, and the opening this season. Last season it closed March 14th; however, it seems from other reports that people think all the NC skiing resorts will be open through Easter weekend this year (Apr 4th, 2010)!

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