Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Buckeye Lake Access Completed

Town of Beech Mountain Parks & Recreation has a newsletter, "The Buckeye Buzz," which is a good source for learning of the many improvements taking place all over Beech Mountain. Through it, I discovered that one of the more recent ones is the addition of better access to Buckeye Lake off of Buckeye Creek Road, with the addition of a gravel parking lot and 2 trails that lead to the cove, peninsula, and fire pit areas around the western side of Buckeye Lake.

The Beech Mountain Recreation Center overlooks this very pretty reservoir, which is yet another lovely location to check out when you visit the mountain. Next time we're up there, we'll make a point to drive down "the backside of Beech" and visit Buckeye Lake to do a little extra hiking on the new trails.
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