Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Quick Trip into Tennessee: Roan Mountain, TN

This morning, we made a quick trip down from Beech Mountain to explore just over the state line into Tennessee a bit. A roughly forty-minute drive took us through as series of little mountain communities, like Eagles Nest, Elk Park, and Cloudland, on our way to Roan Mountain State Park.

We found a very nice visitor's center and small museum on the site of the old Peg Leg Iron Ore Mine, and enjoyed watching the old iron water wheel turn and examining the displays of various everyday artifacts from long ago times. The visitor's center, in addition to a pleasant little gift shop, also offered some really interesting museum displays, offering lots of tidbits of geology and history related to the area.
Behind the buildings was a trail up to the opening of the old mine, and we took the opportunity to stretch our legs and wander into the peaceful woods up the side of the mountain. Although it was fairly steep at times, there were some wooden stairs and a viewing platform part-way up, which afforded a nice view back over the trail.

And here is the opening (or one of them) to the mine. A pleasant way to while away a few morning hours on a lovely summer day.
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