Friday, March 4, 2011

Emerald Outback Trail System : Time for the Return of Spring and Summer Greens to Beautiful Beech Mountain

To help its visitors make the most of those incredible views and unique climate of mile-high Beech Mountain, NC, the Town of Beech facilitates the Emerald Outback Trail System, a comprehensive public trail park with many miles of trail for hiking, biking, running, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing use.  

The Emerald Outback, to date 8 miles of single track, double track, and fire/gravel road trail, is just the first phase of a bigger project, the Beech Mountain Adventure Trail Park. The entire Emerald Outback trail is covers areas above 5,000 ft. in elevation and has varying terrain and geographic features that make the trail system a truly unique experience. The trail system has been designed by bikers, hikers and trail runners in order to better meet the recreational demands of all outdoor enthusiasts. As it is a public project, the trails are open for the enjoyment of all. Beech Mountain citizens, Town employees, Beech Mountain Club employees, Banner Elk and Boone residents, and also visitors to the area, have all played a role in the creation of this amazing trail network.

For more information regarding the Emerald Outback or Beech Mountain Adventure Trail Park, the scheduled trail workdays, or general information about hiking and biking on Beech Mountain, please call 828.387.3003. You can also follow trail development, get group ride and workday updates, view park photos and maps, etc at the Official Facebook Page.
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