Wednesday, September 21, 2011

National Alpaca Day: Enjoy a Weekend in the Mountains with Fleecy Friends

On September 24th (this Saturday), nearby Apple Hill Farm will be celebrating National Alpaca Day.  We have been to Apple Hill Farm a lot, and we love it!  And with all that will be offered this weekend (free tours, knitting and felting demonstrations, the alpaca babies!), it's going to be an especially fun outing for the whole family.  And as we draw closer to Christmas, this is also a great place to come for handcrafted gifts, homemade treats, and . . .  of course, a Christmas tree!

Also, I should caution you not to make the same mistake I've made in the title of this blog posting (for the sake of alliteration, mostly): alpaca hair is not referred to as "fleece," but instead as "fiber."  There, you've learned something new already!  Go visit the Farm, and you'll have a great time learning tons more!
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