Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bliss Is Ours . . . Full-Time!

So, our family is in the midst of making a momentous change to our day-to-day existence:  We have sold the house in Holly Springs, NC; and we are now full-time mountain dwellers, living at Beech Mountain Bliss.  For those of our friends and loved ones who weren't already aware of it, Beech Mountain Bliss is was our Vacation Rental condo, located in a small Ski Town called Beech Mountain . . . just a short (well, relatively short by mountain standards, that is) drive from the Blue Ridge Parkway and places like Grandfather Mountain, Boone, Tweetsie Railroad, and Linville Caverns.

The house sale was (as any tends to be) stressful and upsetting; but the process was of an unbelievably (and mercifully) short duration.  We put it on the market a few days before Thanksgiving, and got an offer after our first viewing 3 days later, and the buyers wanted to move in less than a month after that!  So we sold off most of our furniture, rented a UHaul for what was left, and hired some muscle (the guy who helped us, Robert, on the Holly Springs end was so skilled at packing our too-much-stuff into the too-small truck that Alex pronounced him "an artist."  And, that's saying something, as you know that Alex isn't into flamboyant language.).

So, after running our new Subaru (well, new to us.  It's a 2008 we had to buy the weekend prior to moving at CarMax, after discovering that our recent transmission replacement on our Explorer probably wasn't going to cut it much longer) to the local tire place (Yes, Sam, that place is just GREAT, isn't it?) for a quick patch job on the rear tire, and hauling a last load of furniture/useful things that we just couldn't fit into the UHaul over to Goodwill, Alex and Emily and I (dazed and frazzled) were ready to get on the road for the 4+ hour drive to the mountains.  I held it together (I think) with no real effort, because of all the rushing around, until, staring through the windshield, I noticed our neighbor's son, Ben, had come out on the front porch, in his shy, quiet way of doing things, to wave goodbye.  So no problem with dry eyes while driving that trip.

Sigh . . .

Anyway . . .

We got everything from our previous LARGE home stacked and crammed into our much SMALLER new home, just about a few hours before a REALLY impressive snowstorm hit.  Talk about timing!  The only thing we neglected to do was grocery shop; but fortunately had enough to fill our bellies satisfactorily until the  2 nights and 1 solid day of ferocious wind and snow quieted down.  (Our new home creaks like a ship in weather like this.  Kinda' neat, once you get used to it.)

So we are cozily ensconced in our new palace . . . well, with all these unpacked boxes towered everywhere, more like a burrow, for the time being.  But we are content and comfortable and looking forward to making our first Christmas and New Year celebrations together in our new home.

We wish to all of our dear friends and family a happy holiday, and an abundance of strength, good humor, love, and creativity for the coming new year.  These things come in handy.

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